hallie_ana (hallie_ana) wrote in caribou_coffee,

Shift Supervisor rant

Is anyone else here a shift supervisor? I opened this morning at 6 and by 6:10 my other opener wasnt there. I went into the store to get his number and ...no answer. The store needed to be opened so I started getting ready and kept calling him. By 6:45, I had the store running and no help. I called all the team members who were off to see if they could cover...no one answered...grrr. I finally called a TM who was coming in at 10- I asked him if he could come in early and told him that he would be able to get off at an eariler time. He came at 8 and the rest of the day was a mess. We only had two people until 2pm and we were so busy that I got none of the side jobs done. I let him go at 2 when another TM came on, but that meant I was stuck. Long story short...I just got off an hour ago. I was supposed to work from 6-2 but since someone didn't show, I had to work from 6-8. I've worked long shifts, but today felt sooo frustrating!!
A lesson to everyone...never skip a shift!! It puts everyone into such a bad situation!!
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