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lost my job [03 Mar 2009|11:56am]

Well guys and girls....
I'm posting here to see if anyone is interested in buying some Caribou uniform pieces for a very reasonable price!
I've worked for Caribou for 3 1/2 years but no longer....so I have some polos that are in good shape, size small, four black with Caribou logo, one teal with Caribou logo, one plain black, one plain white and also one track jacket, size XS womens from Store Manager conference 2007. If anyone is interested email me at Akrnmonica@aol.com and we'll figure out a great price....definitely affordable! I also have some plain black turtle necks and a Caribou t-shirt if you want them too.
Please pass this info on to any other team members that may be interested. Thanks!
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I wish I could say this at work [11 Feb 2009|04:16pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Dear Caribou Customers,

Yes, I am very awesome and amazing and wow-inspiring and humble. But I can't read minds! Let's try putting down your cell phone for 2 seconds instead of glaring at me when I ask a question about your drink. Because if I try and guess what you want you'll be back here a minute later yelling at me for screwing up your entire order.

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[06 Jan 2009|11:50pm]

What do you guys think of Acacia?

I like the picture. I've only had the french press of it, so I don't know how accurate that tasting is. It's so different from drip brew.
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[06 Jan 2009|02:15pm]

Sooo it's been a really long time since anyone posted here but I thought I'd take a shot that someone might see this.

I'm trying to get a job at a Caribou near me, I applied online since I went there first and it says they only accept online applications anyway. My question is will the company actually call for an interview from an online application? Should I go in person to the store anyway? My experience has always been that I don't get jobs unless I go in person but since it says it only takes online ones I figured that maybe they actually do look at their online apps and call people from them...any thoughts?
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[13 Apr 2008|03:18am]

i am working on a paper for my english class..we need to choose a profession/etc and evaluate it. mine is:

A good manager…
1. respects the ideas and contributions of his subordinates
2. understands financial planning and spending
3. caters to the customer
4. is not ruled by his emotions
5. is diplomatic
6. acts for the good of the business
7. can anticipate needs

we need standards to evaluate these managers..it is due monday, hah..so i wouldnt count on talking to people at work..but what do you guys know about P&L, labor reports, etc, etc?
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[11 Apr 2008|07:13pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello everyone *waves* just found you so I thought i'd join. I've worked at Caribou for nigh on two years (June will be my two year).

I love my store with all my heart.

Is everyone excited about the smooties coming up?

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Mahogany Sales [25 Jan 2008|07:48pm]

So, we know our stores are now selling the "Mahogany", is anyone else having trouble selling this stuff? Our goal is to sell 75 pounds of it in the next month or so, I believe, with me being in the lead with selling 5 pounds so far ((this may be a smaller amount than many other stores as I work in the Best Buy Corp. Campus buildings in Richfield, Minnesota. We see the same people every day, just about.)) I was wondering what is working for everyone else to sell this roast. For myself, I find Fridays to be the main selling day where I just add an " Would you like to bring home a pound of Mahogany for the weekend?" And once in a while I will get someone who thinks about it, and decides it is a good idea to do so. I just want to hear what everyone else's strategy is on this. Thanks a bunch!

PS: we're doing this also as a type on contest in our store. The team ((morning shift or afternoon shift)) who sells the most pounds of Mahogany, 25 pounds or higher, gets to have a pizza party whole the other shift works the store. And also the individual who sells the most Mahogany will get a $15 "Sandy's Place""((which is our cafeteria in the BBY Campus)) So let me hear what you've got!
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open on christmas day! [27 Dec 2007|11:15am]

I hate the fact that we're open on Christmas day...people come in all day long "I can't beleive you're open today but can I get three large hoho mochas and a med decaf"

On the upside, I went home with $125 in tips for the day!
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Feel the twinkle, get your jingle on, rule your yule! [10 Nov 2007|05:48pm]

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and we've got all the Xmas stuff out. I could swear that last year we waited a little longer. Either way, DAMMIT I HATE STEAMING EGG NOG!!!!!

Also, am I the only one who thought the Xmas slogans last year sounded really sexual? This year's are better, but, man; "I wanna feel your twinkle, baby."
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[02 Nov 2007|01:58pm]

A few of my co-workers insist that Kenya smells like tomato soup.

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Beraki's Poem [29 Oct 2007|11:04pm]

I just thought I'd share this little ditty, which I'm cross-posting from my own journal. Anybody else ever have a similar experiance? LOL!

I live near and work in Dinkytown, a small neighborhood near the UofM. While mostly populated by college students, it has its fair share of characters, i.e. people who are homeless, crazy, or some interesting combination of the two -- not quite as many as State Street, but still a fair amount. One of these people is an old man named Beraki.

Beraki can be seen every day at one or more of the many coffee shops in Dinkytown and is widely regarded as a nuicence and a crazy religious dude. From what I've gathered, he is a refugee without any family in the USA. He is disabled and is therefore likely on government support of some kind, leaving him without much to do during the day. The Caribou Coffee where I work is one of the first coffee shops open in the morning, and often he's through the door even before the sun comes up, though he's just as likely to come back in the afternoon too. He reads a math text book sometimes, but most of the time he writes really rambling poetry, reads it out loud or to himself, and prays or recites scriptures. I've noticed he is his most lucid in the morning, and gradually gets more difficult to understand as the day wears on -- especially if he falls asleep at one of the tables in the dining area. Once he went on a belligerent rant about how our coffee was posessed by the devil and refused to drink it even though he'd already paid for it, storming out only to show up again the next day. He has also refused to drink filtered water for the same reason.

I guess I feel kind of sorry for the guy. When he is lucid, he really is a very sweet -- if odd -- old man. And, being a refugee, I'm sure he's seen more than his fair share of shit in his life. So I'll check up on him a lot while he's in the store, bring him ice water and sometimes listen to what he has to say, but that's about the limit of our employee-customer relationship. Still, he can be a bit difficult to take, especially today when I walked into work, only to be presented with the following two-page poem:

Poetry in Honor of Hal the Café-Caribou Waitress an address at 15th and 4th in Dinkytown USA:

    From Beraki G. Asgedom;

    Dear Hal daughter of English Walsh and Scottish
    A daughter of Irish and Scandinavian and all Germans
    A daughter of the blessed
    Natives of America
    A man loves you whose roots are also Kush, English, Sabean and Ishmael
    A descendant of the Wueen of Sheba and Solomon and all Isreal.
    A descendant of the Romans, Greek and Turks and Chinese
    a descendant of the Aincent Persia
    From the Red Sea of Eritrea; of aincent Habesha and/or Ethiopia,
    You are cautious of people's needs
    You are a diligent worker and kind.
    Café Caribou is the temple of God -- a seat of the Holy Spirit.
    Read more...Collapse )
(I transcribed it exactly as he gave it to me.) What the hell do you say to something like this? "Wow", I guess, and don't take it too seriously. So I won't, and I'll just keep doing what I have been doing. Meh.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that.
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Acai smoothie [13 Jul 2007|11:02pm]

I'm new to the community, so hello everyone. I don't want to get too specific, but I work at a Caribou in MN.

How does everyone like the acai smoothie so far? I really like it myself, but I add a lot of extras (sugar-free raspberry, creampop, and vanilla mix-in). I find that the creampop binds the grainy bits to the rest of the ingredients. Even without the extras, it's an expensive drink, but I hope they keep it around indefinitely.
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Shift Supervisor rant [03 Jun 2007|09:23pm]

Is anyone else here a shift supervisor? I opened this morning at 6 and by 6:10 my other opener wasnt there. I went into the store to get his number and ...no answer. The store needed to be opened so I started getting ready and kept calling him. By 6:45, I had the store running and no help. I called all the team members who were off to see if they could cover...no one answered...grrr. I finally called a TM who was coming in at 10- I asked him if he could come in early and told him that he would be able to get off at an eariler time. He came at 8 and the rest of the day was a mess. We only had two people until 2pm and we were so busy that I got none of the side jobs done. I let him go at 2 when another TM came on, but that meant I was stuck. Long story short...I just got off an hour ago. I was supposed to work from 6-2 but since someone didn't show, I had to work from 6-8. I've worked long shifts, but today felt sooo frustrating!!
A lesson to everyone...never skip a shift!! It puts everyone into such a bad situation!!
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[29 Apr 2007|07:25am]

[ mood | creative ]


I just started working at a caribou coffee here in maryland and I love it! The manager mentioned something about having a mybou account, but never gave me any information. Can you tell me what that is? What would my username and password be?


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Interview [19 Apr 2007|06:46pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello, I'm new to this community.
I have an interview for a job at Caribou coming up on Saturday, and this will be my first ever interview for a job. Therefore, I don't really know what to expect. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how exactly this will work. What kind of questions can I expect to be asked? Also, what should I wear to the interview? What qualities are they looking for? How are the pay and atmosphere there?
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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[17 Oct 2006|06:57pm]

Hey all!

New member here.  New Team Member too.  I've just started working at Store #780 which is in Glendale, WI (northern suburb of Milwaukee, WI).  It's a fairly new store (opened in March 2006) and we're looking forward to the busiest week ever coming the first week of November.  We're just outside a mall that has gone a major overhaul.  Bayshore Mall pretty much shut down for the summer while they rebuilt everything.  It's scheduled to open on November 2nd.  I've heard rumors of expecting 15,000 people that week!!

My favorite drink:  Iced Chai Latte w/ cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Have to start experimenting yet!!
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[20 Jun 2006|10:20pm]

Cooler Fest is almost here!!

Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly for everyone :)

-Jenn #748
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[06 May 2006|11:57am]

[ mood | final exam time!! ]

With summer right around the corner, I was wondering what everyone's favorite cold drinks are. I was a loyal vanilla cooler and iced latte fan, but have recently switched to iced Americanos. Does anyone have any cool creations not on the menu that I could experiment with? I haven't worked in the summer yet and am just really starting to make some of my own up.

Also, what is this talk about cooler fest? I want in!

Jenn #748

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New post [25 Apr 2006|02:42pm]

Hi, everyone!

I just joined the Caribou staff at...I'm actually not sure of the store number,but it's located in Westlake (one of the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio) and I am loving everything there.

I didn't see much activity recently, so I thought I'd introduce myself and post.
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Hi Everyone! [27 Nov 2005|08:03pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi, I figured I should probably introduce myself to the group. I'll start with the basics...

Name: Kels.

Caribou Stuff: Team Member for 3 years, currently working part-time at store 1169 in Burnsville, MN during my 'free time' when I'm not at school. While at school I work at the coffee shop in our Student Union, where we sell drinks made with 'Bou beans (we get all the flavor syrups and beans shipped from 'Bou).

Favorite Drink: Vanilla cooler, cream-popped, with nibblers and snickers mixed in, and vanilla drizzle inside the cup. (Occassionally I'll replace the heavy whipping cream with egg nog, that's good too).

Favorite Blend: Guatemala, both 2 blends we've sold are good.

Okay, I think that's it, but I'm excited to have found this community, and I'm actually a little surprised that I didn't find it sooner. I totally love Caribou's coffee, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I actually really enjoy my job.

P.S. Just a holiday reminder...Remember to hit the trail and make the sale!

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